Mechanical Engineer

Sterling, Virginia
Work Type: Full Time

Hours: Full-time

Location: Molg HQ in Sterling, VA (Northern Virginia)

Salary: $70 - $95k annual salary, plus equity and full healthcare benefits


Tackle the fast growing e-waste problem by making electronics manufacturing circular. 

Molg builds robotics microfactories and software to autonomously assemble and disassemble complex electronic products like laptop PCs, servers, and battery packs. Working with some of the leading computer + server manufacturers as well as industrial companies like Stanley Black and Decker, we are building the circular manufacturing technology to recover existing in-market devices for reuse and recycling as well as helping develop the next generation of circular-focused devices at the design level. 


Work with a talented cross-functional team of software, mechanical, electrical, and robotics engineers to develop our core technologies in robotics, assembly intelligence, computer vision, and microfactories. As a Mechanical Engineer, you will be responsible for:

  • Design and Development: Engage in the conceptualization and creation of mechanical systems for diverse robotic microfactory applications.
  • Prototyping and Testing: Prototype and refine mechanical components, leveraging both simulations and hands-on testing to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Integration and Automation: Collaborate on integrating mechanical designs with electronic and software counterparts to enhance automation efficiency.
  • Sustainability and Circular Design: Innovate in sustainable design practices, focusing on modularity, repairability, and end-of-use circular processing.
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation: Pursue continuous technological advancements to drive the evolution and efficiency of the Molg robotic microfactory solutions.


  • 3+ years of industry experience in mechanical engineering and automation roles 

  • Experienced in CAD Design (Autodesk, Solidworks, PTC, etc)

  • Enjoy building end-to-end production grade solutions 

  • Have implemented and shipped complex hardware systems

  • Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently both verbally and in writing


We spend our days building robotic systems, developing complex assembly intelligence software, and designing the next generation of circular products for our customers. Given the importance of working hands-on with physical systems, we are a 100% in-person team collaboratively working in our industrial space in Sterling, VA, down the road from the largest data center market in the world.  Our facility includes a variety of robots, CNC milling machines, 3D printers, and all the tools needed to build and test our products. It is important to us that anyone on our team that is interested in learning how to use our various pieces of equipment and machinery is taught and can gain the skills and appreciation for making physical things.   

While we are primarily funded by our work with Fortune 100 companies, we are also supported by amazing backers like Elemental Excelerator and Techstars. 


  • We’re a small collaborative team with big ambitions, and there’s a good amount of context-switching. We expect people to be autonomous and drive their own work to completion.

  • We are a profitable business that is primarily funded from customer revenue, which means we are scrappy and looking to build a great sustainable company for years to come.

  • As a growing company and startup, priorities may shift as customer or business requirements change. We strive to empower individuals with context and decision-making power to meet this need. 

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